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The Lovely Wild in Me


From author Hannah Herrera, The Lovely Wild In Me is a story of poetic prose that highlights childhood abuse, heartbreak, finding love, and finding the wild in oneself again. It's a book of great pain and great healing with all the stuff in between. This book may have certain themes that could be triggering to some, be sure to read with caution and care.

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The Lovely Wild in Me by author Hannah Herrera really manages to hit all the feels, both those of wonder and infatuation as well as those of depression and anxiety. And this, to me, is what poetry SHOULD do. There are stories there to be told, naturally. But I want the poetry that I read to actually instill in me the emotions of the writer. And this book does so; sometimes with subtle poise and feminine grace, and sometimes with a big fucking sledgehammer.

Praise & Reviews

Some really stunning parts in this poetry book! It was a quick read, but I’m definitely glad I picked this up. I’m not much of a poetry person but this reached out to me and I really enjoyed it!

This is the second collection of poems I've read by this author and I really enjoy her writing style. The short poems use straightforward vocabulary and form yet often yield very wise insight and beauty.  I enjoy many different types of poetry but there is something about wise and deeply felt truths being expressed in simple and unadorned words that is very profound and moving to me.

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About Hannah Herrera

Paranormal/Horror Author. Poet. Boba Tea Whisperer -
Hannah Herrera is a Young Adult Fiction author who loves all things spooky and beautiful in life. When she doesn't have her nose buried in books, she is writing them. She has one book published, The Lovely Wild in Me, and is working on many more!

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