Why I Am No Longer Publishing Poetry & Why It's Okay to Walk Away From Things You No Longer Align With


    In 2019, I wrote my first ever piece and published it! The Lovely Wild in Me was born. I was in awe that I did it and with the support of my friends; I put it out there for all to see it! It was a collection of poetic prose that gave insight into my upbringing and what I was currently dealing with. It was all very emo (lol). While publishing it gave me the experience I needed to self-publish my own things. I realized that poetry was something that I wanted to keep for myself. For therapeutic reasons. I wanted my private words to be my own. I am glad that my words encouraged some people, and that they related to what I had gone through. 

    But I wanted more. 

    I wanted to create intricate worlds, with deep characters that can live what I went through and be able to express through scenes the healing journey. I realized that dwelling on the past with poetry, without changing it and moving forward in a healthy manner, kept me stuck. Poetry is therapeutic to a certain extent, but If I lingered on the thought that I am my upbringing, I can't write my life story properly, and that bleeds into my creativity. While I love writing horror and dark things, I can take over my life and live it for myself doing what I want. Poetry just doesn't fit that anymore. I want to write about people who overcome darkness and find love, health, and happiness. 

    But I just wanted to let you know that if something is not working out for you, it is totally okay to shift your focus on what you want. There is no failure in shifting to align something with your core. It's more than okay to do what you need to feel more like yourself.

Happy writing babes,