"What Do You Like To Write About?"

-- I like to write about the paranormal, horror, & romance. I like to mix thrilling elements into paranormal experiences. Sometimes, it's horrifying and terrifying, sometimes it's steamy. I often like to write about romance too because even the scariest of stories sometimes need steamy kissing scenes and more. 

"Where Do You Get Your Inspiration From?"

-- I like horror and thriller books. I get most of my inspiration from my own personal fears and mythology. I also read the works of authors I admire, like Anne Rice, Stephen King, etc. I also like playing horror video games, like the Alan Wake series. It's such a head trip, but I love the intricacy and the horror.

"What's Your Favorite Music to Listen To?"

-- When I am writing, I sometimes listen to binaural beats. It really gets me into the flow of things. Other times, I like to listen to metal, rock, & synthwave music. My favorite band is Deftones!

"What Does Your Writing Process Look Like?"

-- I'm a combo writer. I like to lightly plot, but I enjoy discovering things about my story along the way. If I plot too heavily, it takes the joy out of telling a story. If I just wing things all the time, it makes editing and fixing continuity errors a living hell. There has to be a perfect balance of both for me. I will plot 4 things about my main characters journey, write a synopsis of the story, whose in it, and what those people look/act like. If I discover something along the way, I add it into the plot or to a character.

"Do You Publish Your Own Work?"

-- Sure do! I like the freedom of writing, choosing my own style, & retaining the rights to my work. I like working without the pressures of a traditional publishing house, so I started my own. That's when Crooked Crow Publishing was born. 

"What Do I Need To Do To Start My Own Publishing House?"

-- First, the state and county you live in have their own laws regarding starting DBA & LLC businesses. I researched those and did the requirements of my county -- which was 1.) Registering for a tax ID  2.) Registering as a DBA  3.) Paying my county business license fees 4.) Published my business in the local newspaper. 5.) Open a separate bank & high-yield savings account for the business 6.) Made logos for my books and online. 

This is what I did in my personal experience. To learn more, I would suggest going to a website like taylor brands who do the paperwork, etc for you or just asking your county tax collector, etc.